27 February 2016

Decorated a pair of clogs again

These are for a little project in the garden,
I already did a pair of man size clogs, these are my own pair and still looking for a small pair of children´s size clogs to comeplete the project.  

supplies needed

Acrylic paint
podgy glue
outdoor satin varnish

sand the clogs and make them dust free
Now apply a layer of gesso.
let it dry, apply a layer of white acrylic paint.
if this is dry as well paint then the edge in a different color (I used blue) (see picture)
cut the different figures out of the napkin, remove the top layer of the napkin and paste it by using the podgy glue on the clog, let this dry thoroughly again.
To finish the clog give it a coating with the outdoor satin varnish.
let it dry well.

Now you have a few decorative clogs to hang outside in the garden, with or without a plant in it.

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