02 January 2014

New Year means cleansing of the house

Today I took down all the Christmas decorations and gave the house a good cleaning including a little ceremony of cleansing the house of negative energies

For this you need a shell and white sage

Put yourself in a positive white light, Open all windows so that the negetive energy can leave the room along with the smoke.
Now go through the house starting at the top if you have a loft start there.
Work yourself down all the way to the basement!
Start in the far corner and slowly go to the next corner of the room,work your way backwards to the door and into the next room.
Do not forget the closets, the hallway, and toilet  Make sure that the smoke reach all corners by using a feather, card or your hand as I do!
While you do this say  "I want all the negative (or unpleasant feeling) energy disappears from the room ...,'' (Speak in mind, but I prefer aloud)

After I have done this my house feels lighter and more relaxed
 So now the New Year can start I am ready!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea...I'm going to do this at our house...thanks for the idea...have a great new year!