03 July 2011


Talk about intuition

Today I went to the Jewellery Exhibition and psychic fair, I had two readings done for me, there were many similarities between the two readings, so I think the message I got is clear to me now.
But before I had the readings done I bought a neckless “ a heart-shaped SODALITH stone”
And when I arrived home I got behind my PC and looked up the meaning of the stone and where it´s good for.
And guess what…. it was exactly the kinda stone I needed and fitted in with the things the 2 psychics had told me.

The meaning of the SODALITH stone

Sodalith give you insight in yourself and helps you to be faithful to yourself. It gifs you self acceptance, self respect and self-confidence. It helps restrictive thinking and break through behaviour patterns such as self-defence mechanisms, fears and phobia. It promotes urge for freedom, idealism, truth and expressing your opinion and feelings. Sodalith reinforce logic, rationally think and objectivity and unites this with the intuition. The stone absorbs electromagnetic radiation of for example. computers and mobile tel. and stimulate a deep, insightful meditation. Sodalith can become also well in a group used to reinforce harmony, contain confidential and solidarity. Physical the stone helps with complaints of throat, neck, larynx and voice links (particularly hoarseness). It works to lower fever, antihypertensive, refreshing, ensures a balanced metabolism and stimulates the fluid prerecording in the body.

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