12 June 2011

The path of life

There is no map to where we go.
Sometimes life goes fast then to slow
There is no book for us to read.
Sometimes life will plant a seed

Plans we make will fall through
Emotions erupt and makes us blue
Plans we make will see the light
Emotions of love, hate, compasion,.. pride…

We learn from our mistakes
Life can give us heartaches
We learn from each other
Life is given by our mother.

The road may not be as clear
We keep follow it till we find something dear
The road may have some side tracks
We keep on that road en don´t look back

Make your life a wonderful journey
For you have the power of attorney,
Make your life a fantastic trip
For you have but one life to live

12/06/11 by Dozizo


Bubbles and Wax said...

Hello Matt, what a wonderful poem this is - love it so much and oh so true..... wonderful words indeed!!

DOZIZO aka Matthea Filemon said...

thx Bubbles <3