11 February 2011


In my class from last Wednesday I had an interesting lesson about readings.
Did you ever heard of a rose reading? we had one last wednesday.
We all made a drawing of a rose and learned to read it for each other.

a little explanation

What do we 'read'?
During a "reading" your energy will be read and written. The goal is: more insight into yourself.
A reading is usually concluded with a healing process to support and complete.
Below a short description of the Rose reading and what you can expect from it.

various aspects of the rose symbolize important aspects of your life:
Roots - you anchored in reality.
Stem - your attitude and bearing capacity.
Flower- opportunities for development.
Sun - your core essence.
The rose as a whole: the essence of your current situation

During the reading, contact occurs essentially level. As you allow your energy to be read, you can get information about the current situation and the root cause of any problems.

Most importantly, being seen to being level. You get the reader a "hello" to who you are and how you are living life. It is seen in healing itself. Respect and integrity are foremost.
A reading or healing has therefore often a deep effect. Also, many unconsciously put in motion. The effects can still be felt a long long time after the reading.

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