24 October 2010

Yogi Man

This is a gift I've received recently.
The Legend of the Yogi Man (Orang Malu)
The story comes from the old country of Java. It is about a man, so ashamed by the choices of the human race, that he chooses a life of meditation in order to reach out to others as a teacher. As a humble and reserved man, his sacrifice was his offering.
It is said of the Yogi Man that he cries for the sake of the world. Still, he can be happy in his heart because he has found peace and happiness from within by reaching one person at a time.
In the Yogi man pose, you will find the symbols of his teachings. If you see the Yogi Man from behind, you can see a human heart; the source of life and energy. From the side, you can see the arms in the form of a fetus; the symbol of new life, purity and cleanliness. If you view the Yogi Man from the front, look closely and you will discover his smiling face; the head is the nose, the hands are his teeth and the ears are his eyes.
Thus the Yogi man teaches modesty, strength, energy and the choice of rebirth. The Yogi Man expressed that life is like a circle. There is no beginning, no end, but a constant opportunity for new beginnings.
The Yogi Man is placed I the room to the left as you enter, with his head facing the entrance. He will influence everything that passes by him with his calm, positive energy.
Allow the Yogi Man to attract attention so that people will be drawn to put their hands upon his head. When the person is drawn to him, the Yogi Man serves his life’s purpose reminding us that through modesty and strength, positive energy can be directed towards new beginnings.

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