03 October 2010


Written 24/09/10

The love of my life.

In dreams i see you
In dreams i hear you
In dreams…..

It´s more dan an attraction
It´s more than a physical thing
It´s more……

You´r my desire
You´r my destiny
You´r my…….

Love is like a drug
Love is like a adiction
Love is……


Written 20/08/85


Work a word a notion
You have to work for money
To make promotion
Work for pleacure, work with hate
People say "you got to work it´s easy"
Not as easy as they think, so i wait
What do you get from a job which gives
you the feeling of a slave
Work a word a notion
You have to work for money
to make promotion
But if i had a choice
Then i say " work no way"
Work yes on one condition only
If i could be your boss
But there is no choice because work
and money always go together
No work no pay
No work no chance to get higher upon that ladder
So not a chance to order others around
maybe this is better

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