27 January 2017


This is the cat of a friend of mine named Gizmo. 
Gizmo is 11 years en very sweet..... 

I had some problems with painting white whiskers on a white face.

My friend was very pleaced with the painting!

The end result
                                                            The original picture

Practice makes perfect

Today I've been practicing on some old little canvases I would otherwise have thrown out.  Subject....trees ala Bob Ross 😊

18 November 2016

Knitting with Looms

Never knew how to knit but then I discovered the Looms...I know they are on market for a few years but I bought them recently.....and now I know how to knit!

23 July 2016

Workshop painting

For my birthday my friend Janny gave me a workshop painting, given by the artist Geoffrey Wijn from Wine art gallery in Roosendaal. 
Totally different style then I normally do... Great experience 